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Out of Our Hands
-Summer 2021-


In the summer of 2021 I took on the role of Costume Designer and Set Dresser for this trilogy of short films. Written by Charlie Johns and directed by himself and Meg Wrigglesworth; The Rat, The Whip and The Bird all sort to showcase a surreal exploration of guilt, truth and free will. 

The design for the filming was heavily inspired by films such as "A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence" with space, lighting and colour playing their own characters in the films.

Photography by lewis bailie


The Rat

Set outside any space or time, Chefs in a kitchen constantly make delicate pastries to fit the 'standard' of the scrutinising head chef, Riccardo. Eventually one of the chefs try to question his authority and hell breaks loose. Set for this film was complex due to the number of completed dishes that had to be pre-prepped before shoot. 

The Whip

Business woman, Amanda hires a jiggalo but she does not get what she was hoping for. The actor, Gemski... and i worked together play with ideas of femininity and vulnerability for the costume as with her shorter hair and stern face my initial ideas for the characters looks had to evolve. The set had to reflect her high status character in a way that showed she wasn't home all the time and didn't have guests over often.

The Bird

Philippa does not want her son Franc to leave the nest, but he is already married with a son. He is infantilised by both his wife and mother to the point he reverts to a child by the end and it is clear he doesn't even know which woman is his mother anymore. The costumes were largely based on a colour palette of terracotta and oranges for the mother and Franc's wife had to both mirror and contrast with Philippa. 

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